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With ongoing concerns and uncertainty about the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we want to reassure you that the health, safety, and well being of our patients and your family are very important to us. We are closely monitoring developments of the outbreak and are taking precautionary measures — consistent with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines – to help support the ongoing health and safety of our employees and patients.  Knowing that missing teeth is a diabilitaing condition, we have forged a way to still have consultative visits that provide our patients with a protected environment allowing for on-going appointments.   If you are suffering, we are here for you.


A Full Set of Stable, Functioning Teeth, in One Day


Looking for an Alternative to Unstable Dentures?

For decades, removable dentures have been an adequate solution for patients with missing teeth. The limitations of dentures, however, make it difficult to enjoy everyday activities that require stable, durable teeth. If you have been struggling with loose dentures and are living with pain, embarrassment, or self-consciousness, then TeethXpress® may be right for you! TeethXpress full arch dental implants provide patients with a permanently stable and durable alternative to dentures, allowing you to return to a life full of a pain-free smile, more social interaction, an unrestricted diet, and best of all, total confidence in yourself and your smile! Dr. Carl Medgaus is a lecturer and presenter for BioHorizons and has personal experience and involvement with the TeethXpress protocol, as well as expertise in the technical details of the treatment process and materials. A graduate of the prestigious Pikos Institute and Misch Implant Institute, he is specially qualified to lead your TeethXpress treatment process and complete all aspects of your care in-house, from tooth extractions, to bone grafting, and implant surgery and restoration. With experience successfully placing over 600 full arch dental implants, Dr. Medgaus is one of the leading implant specialists in his area and a superior choice for your TeethXpress treatment. Imagine the improved quality of life you could experience receiving a full set of new teeth in just one appointment!

woman smiling before teethxpress dental implantswoman smiling after teethxpress dental implants
male patient smiling before teethxpress dental implantsmale patient smiling with upper stabiliteeth

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New Teeth in One Appointment

The TeethXpress® treatment process allows Dr. Medgaus to place dental implants in your jaw and attach a temporary denture the day of your surgery! Using surgical guides, he places your implants strategically where bone is most dense, eliminating the need for bone grafting and to ensure the implants integrate fully with the existing jaw bone. Once your full arch dental implants are in place, we attach a denture for immediate use of your new stable, functional teeth. As your full arch dental implants heal, your dentures will never slip, pop, loosen, or fall out, no matter if you talk, chew, or laugh! TeethXpress® dental implants provide our patients with numerous long-term advantages to health, dental function, and smile aesthetics.

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Teeth Xpress - a new smile the same day!

Why Choose TeethXpress?

The advantages of TeethXpress® implants go well beyond that of removable dentures. The dental implants integrated in your jaw help to stimulate the bone and keep it from resorbing further. Unlike with dentures, which can accelerate the resorption process, you can enjoy a more youthful appearance for longer! TeethXpress® is a highly durable option, due to the stability from the dental implants, allowing you to bite and chew a variety of healthy foods that can be impossible to eat with dentures. This influx of nutritious foods improves your digestion, oral health, and overall health. Best of all, TeethXpress® improves your quality of life by restoring your self-confidence, attractiveness, and enjoyment in daily activities and social interactions! If you are living with dentures and looking for an alternative, it’s time to schedule your TeethXpress® consultation today!

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