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The Benefits of Braces for Adults

Adult Braces

Everyone deserves to have a smile they love. Adults of all ages can enjoy straight teeth today, and the many benefits that come with them. If you have issues with crooked teeth or mouth alignment, improve your smile with adult braces and start enjoying these 10 benefits.

  1. Self-confidence – The effect straight teeth can have on your self-confidence is amazing. Speaking, smiling and laughing just feel better when you are happy with the way your teeth look.
  1. Healthier Teeth – If your teeth are aligned appropriately, they are easier to maintain. Straight teeth are easier to brush, which means there are fewer areas in the mouth where plaque can develop, which leads to less cavities and less frequent visits to the dentist.
  1. Lower Chances of Gum Disease – Having straight teeth also keep your gums healthier. Flossing and brushing are also more effective. Most patients find that following traditional oral care practices become easier after they have completed their orthodontic treatment.
  1. Save Money – Since keeping your mouth clean is easier, the cost of dental care could drop significantly. This is especially true as you age.
  1. Easier Chewing – The human mouth has been designed to effectively chew food, and when teeth are aligned correctly, your mouth works more effectively.
  1. Healthier Jaw – Crooked or crowded teeth exert pressure on the jaw, which could lead to joint disorders or frequent headaches. By straightening your teeth and your bite, you can preserve the jaw joint.
  1. Improved Overall Health – Research shows a correlation between your oral health and overall health. Heart disease, stroke and other disorders have been linked with gum disease, which is easier to prevent if the teeth are aligned.
  1. Accident Protection – When your teeth and bite are aligned, you are less likely to suffer physical damage to your mouth.
  1. Affordability – Braces are now affordable. Therefore, if your family was unable to provide them to you during childhood, you can still enjoy a straight smile in your adult years.
  1. Faster Results – Advances in technology have significantly reduced the amount of time that most people need to spend wearing braces.

Contact our Monroeville or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offices to speak with Dr. Carl Medgaus today for more information regarding adult braces.

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