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Sedation Dentistry The Answer to Dental Anxiety

Sedation Dentistry: The Answer to Dental Anxiety

Though most people understand and truly appreciate the value of going to the dentist and keeping their teeth and gums in good health, an estimated three out of every four Americans has some level of dental anxiety.

Though most people with dental anxieties face their fears occasionally, those fears keep an about one out of every five Americans from going to the dentist at all, according to some estimates. But those numbers are changing, as awareness about sedation options continues to grow. Learn more about the sedation options you can expect to find at a dentist in Pittsburgh, PA.

Local Anesthesia to Take Your Mind Off Pain

For many people, it isn’t that they can’t take pain. It’s that they expect pain during dental procedures to be more than they can bear, or care to bear at least. With local anesthesia, your dentist can rule pain out of the equation. So those individuals sitting on pins and needles just waiting for sharp pain to shoot through their nerves – they won’t have to worry about any oral discomfort.

IV Sedation to Slow Down Racing Minds

Having a sedative administered intravenously, through the veins, is the best way to get a dosage that’s customized to you and the procedure you’ll have done. Your dental staff can adjust your IV to give you the perfect dose to suppress your consciousness and slow down those racing thoughts, without putting you to sleep for a few hours as is the case with general anesthesia.

Laughing Gas for a Seriously Good Dental Experience

Not a fan of needles? Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, can help suppress your consciousness, to a degree, so that your brain will loosen its grip on whatever anxieties it’s clinging to.

Oral Sedation, and Alternative Route for Sitting Still Comfortably

Antsy about your procedure? Worried you won’t be able to sit still long enough? An oral sedative offers a needle-free route to getting the calming benefits of a sedative.

Get More Answers

Click here to schedule a consultation with a dentist in Pittsburgh, PA and learn more about your options for sedation dentistry.

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