COVID-19 Notice

With ongoing concerns and uncertainty about the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we want to reassure you that the health, safety, and well being of our patients and your family are very important to us. We are closely monitoring developments of the outbreak and are taking precautionary measures — consistent with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines – to help support the ongoing health and safety of our employees and patients.  Knowing that missing teeth is a diabilitaing condition, we have forged a way to still have consultative visits that provide our patients with a protected environment allowing for on-going appointments.   If you are suffering, we are here for you.

have a tooth emergency here is what you need to do

Have a Tooth Emergency? Here Is What You Need To Do

No one exactly plans to need emergency dentistry – hence the use of the word “emergency.” A sudden traumatic impact could knock a permanent tooth completely out of your mouth. But emergencies constitute more than a missing tooth. For example, if you have a horrible toothache that will not subside, that may constitute an emergency. What should you if you need to see your dentist after hours or when you do not have an appointment scheduled?

Address Bleeding Immediately and Make an Assessment

First of all, if the emergency is due to trauma, you will want to make sure the affected individual receives first aid first. Try to stop any bleeding and check for additional injuries, depending on the circumstances. Once you establish that there is no immediate threat to life, you can contact your dentist right away.

Call Your Dentist Right Away

Dr. Carl Medgaus and the staff at Medgaus Dental Group offer emergency dental services, so feel free to give them a call if you have a broken crown, chipped tooth, missing tooth, or dental pain that will not go away. In most cases, your dentist should be able to see you right away. If not, you may need to wait until the next day to get help during normal business hours.

Get to Your Appointment

After that, you need to make sure you get to the appointment as scheduled by your dental professional. This is where all of the treatment planning will occur. If necessary, Dr. Medgaus may perform an emergency procedure to alleviate the pain or prevent further damage to the teeth.

Follow After-Care Instructions

After your emergency appointment is over, you should receive specific post-procedure instructions. For the best results, you should follow these closely. Be sure to ask Dr. Medgaus or our staff if you have any questions.

Contact Us for Dental Emergencies and More

If you have a dental emergency, you should not wait – contact our office right away. You can also reach out to us to schedule your regular dental checkups.

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