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With ongoing concerns and uncertainty about the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we want to reassure you that the health, safety, and well being of our patients and your family are very important to us. We are closely monitoring developments of the outbreak and are taking precautionary measures — consistent with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines – to help support the ongoing health and safety of our employees and patients.  Knowing that missing teeth is a diabilitaing condition, we have forged a way to still have consultative visits that provide our patients with a protected environment allowing for on-going appointments.   If you are suffering, we are here for you.

Dental Implant Gums

3 Steps To The Dental Implant Process

3 Steps To The Dental Implant Process
Dental Implants are designed to function, fit, and feel just like natural teeth, and for patients who are suffering from missing teeth implants provide them with smile restoration. If you are a patient who is suffering from missing teeth and are considering getting dental implants there are a few steps that you should be aware of about this process. Review these steps related to the dental implant process below:

1. Most dental implant systems fuse directly into the bone.
Dental Implants are used to replace the roots of your teeth and this is done by placing titanium screws directly into the jawbone of the patient. While healing the implanted screw integrates into the jawbone.

2. Post-surgery recovery time is minimal and generally involves very little discomfort.
The post-surgery recovery time for a dental implant recipient is not high and overall helps to replace the patient’s missing teeth. In addition the healing process and recovery time is low and the pain is minimal.

3. The positioning of your tooth’s root and the implantation will be verified with X-rays.
The positioning of your tooth’s root and the implantation will be verified with x-rays and other advanced technology to make sure that your dental implants are precisely aligned. Also, this makes sure the dental implant functions properly

Schedule Your Consultation
Now that you have a better understanding of the dental implant process if you are considering getting dental implants installed don’t hesitate to reach out to our  Monroeville or Pittsburgh office to set up a dental implant consult.


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