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The outcomes of dental procedures rely firstly on the accuracy and precision of the dentist. Today, advanced dental technology has significantly improved the treatment process by providing more accurate diagnosis of oral conditions, more streamlined and precise treatment planning, and highly accurate procedures and surgeries. When used to complement the over 35 years of diagnostic and clinical expertise of Dr. Carl Medgaus, this technology is able to create more comfortable, convenience, and painless patient experiences! We embrace advanced technology and leverage it to provide state-of-the-art dentistry and consistently superior, predictable, and long-term for our patients.

Our Advanced Technology

Panoramic x-ray technology that captures 3D images of the teeth, bone, tissues, sinus cavities, and nerve locations. Cone beam x-rays improve the accuracy of treatment planning and precision during procedures by allowing us to see in great detail where teeth and bone are located. This is a significant advantage when providing surgical treatment for dental implants and tooth extractions.

Advanced cavity detection device, especially for locating decay below the surface of the tooth. Using laser light pulses, we can discover decay within the tooth with greater accuracy and reliability, allowing for better and more precise care. Proactive dentistry decreases the chances of more extensive damage causing complex and expensive restorative care later on.

  • Radiation-free, digital intraoral scanner that takes high quality, 3D images of the teeth and surrounding soft tissue, eliminating the need for conventional and uncomfortable impression taking. The precise digital images are used to create custom and accurately fitting crowns and bridges. Digital scanning can also be used during Invisalign treatment for the creation of custom aligners.

Why Choose Advanced Dentistry?

  • Experience more comfortable appointments
  • Accurate, early diagnoses for preventive care
  • Non-invasive, fast, and less painful treatment
  • Greater surgical precision for long-lasting results
  • More custom fitting, natural restorations

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